Ella graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Warsaw,1977, receiving Master's Degree in Interior Architecture and Fine Arts. In her native Poland Materska's works earned her the assignment of some prestigious projects. Among the artist's key achievements were the designing of two large frescoes, one in City Hall chapel room, and another on an outside wall of a commercial building in Warsaw. Her pastels, oil paintings and structural compositions, have been exhibited on individual and group shows in Florida, Bermuda, Canada, Sweden and Poland.

"Materska works in different media, sometimes combining them together. The oil paintings and reliefs are predominantly three-dimensional works marked by integrated textures and sharp crevice to employ the contrast. The dry pastel art is mostly a soft mixture of purples and earth tones. Her subjects are mostly trees and flowers inhabited by sylph-like figures." Arts/Entertainment, Toronto


pastels, collages, oil paintings, three-dimensional structural compositions, computer graphics

2008Arts for Act, Fort Myers, Florida
2005 / 2007Alliance for the Arts , Fort Myers, Florida
2002 - 2004Bermuda, Dockyards
1999/2000/2001Gallery 7, Toronto
1998Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Toronto
1997MHSO, Queen's Park, Toronto
1996Arts Week - Open Doors, Scarborough
1996International Gallery, Toronto
1995O'Keeffe Centre, Toronto
1995Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough
1994Colour and Form Society - Gallery at Fairview, Toronto
1993Canadian Art by Polish Artists - City Hall, Toronto
1992Artisan Centre, Mississauga
1991Gallery of Modern Art, Rochester, USA
1991Meadowvale Theater, Mississauga
1990Mississauga Art Council, Mississauga
1980Union Gallery, Association of Polish Artists, Warsaw
1978Polish Gallery, Malmo Sweden


Interior design projects, oil paintings and three-dimensional structural compositions were exhibited in the Modern Museum of Art - Zacheta, in Warsaw.


"I deeply believe that art - creation, not only enriches the spirit but also makes one more sane, sensible, more observant and understanding. Art helps to have a positive response to world, to human, and also helps to experience life more deeply and consciously. From the other hand, nature and its beauty, fleeting of time and human emotions are always my best inspirations. In my works, I am trying to reveal man and his integrity with nature. I often show a symbolic man figure to relate it to surroundings and to emphasize human intimacy with nature and longing to love. Without noticing man's connections with nature and relations to one another, man becomes a trivial mercenary. The desire of closeness to nature, longing of love, and love to nature penetrates my thoughts and my works."

Ella Materska Ellis